International Workshop on Sensors and Molecular Recognition 2023                   IWOSMOR XVI

Scientific Program

Thursday, 6th July


9:00-9:15 Opening ceremony

Chaired by Vicerrector de Investigación de la Universitat de Valencia, 
Carlos Hermenegildo Caudevilla

Chairperson: Mª Carmen Martínez Bisbal    

9:15-10:15 Plenary Lecture PL1

Matilde Merino

Aportación de la farmacometría en el desarrollo y utilización de medicamentos

10:15-10:30 O1 Marina Cuquerella Gilabert

Towards PBPK modelling for oral absorption in PhysPK

10:30-10:45 O2 Angela Morellá Aucejo         

Nanoprogrammed chemical communication systems:  a new “nanokiller” approach in the era of antimicrobial resistance

10:45-11:00 O3 Javier Reig López

Assessing the relevance of stereoselectivity through physiologically based pharmacokinetic modelling: a case study with ibuprofen

11:00-11:15 O4 Francisco Hicke García          

Glucose-powered janus nanomotors for anticancer therapy

11:15-12:00           Coffee Break + Poster Session A        


Chairperson: Pau Arroyo Máñez     

12:00-13:00 Plenary Lecture PL2

Joaquín Calixto García        

Aggregation-Induced Emission in Uncommon Media

13:00-13:15 O5 Rafael Ballesteros Garrido

Frustrated Hydrogen Autotransfer reactions with diols:  Towards Fluorescent Structures

13:15-13:30 O6 Jordi Hernández Contreras

A breakthrough against Drug-Facilitated Crimes: A novel chemodosimeter for detecting scopolamine and ketamine

13:30-13:45 O7 Mª Dolores Garrido                

Tubular multimodal porous silica from MWCNT-SiO2 composites

13:45-14:00 O8 Iris Garrido Cano

Delivery of miR-200c-3p using tumor-targeted mesoporous silica nanoparticles for breast cancer therapy

14:00-15:30 Lunch break    


15:30-16:00 Poster Session B             

Chairperson: Miguel Alcañiz Fillol  

16:00-16:15 O9 Ana María Pérez Calabuig   

Intelligent vision for fraud detection in the food industry

16:15-16:30 O10 Roberto Vengut Tro             

Low cost system for structural deformation measurement using strain gauges

16:30-16:45 O11 Javier Monreal Trigo           

Fully-integrated ultra-high resolution current measurement system for electrically controlled drug release technology characterization

16:45-17:00 O12 Pablo Fernández  Silva       

Modular low noise measurement equipment for biosensors

17:00-17:15 O13 Vicente Beltrán Morte        

CMOS boost converter for infrared energy harvesting to supply intelligent drug release microdevices


Friday, 7th July


Chairperson: María José Bañuls Polo

9:15-10:15 Plenary Lecture PL3

Ana Melero           

Challenges and Solutions for skin drug delivery

10:15-10:30 O14 Marta Cervera Sospedra   

Liposomes-loaded with nor-BNIA in a in situ hydrogel for nose-to-brain administration: fighting pain comorbidities

10:30-10:45 O15 Lora Stefanova     

Development of a semi-solid formulation of three antioxidants to relieve of and protect from radiodermatitis in breast cancer

10:45-11:00 O16 Vicente Candela Noguera

Development of lipid nanoparticles loaded with nucleic acids for reprogramming cancer cells and restore immune-mediated cell death

11:00-11:15 O17 Jordi Ventura         

Towards a chemical communication network between bacteria and artificial cells

11:15-12:00 Coffee Break + Poster Session C


Chairperson: Pablo Gaviña Costero                 

12:00-12:15 O18 Valentina Carvajal García  

PGE2 production in human dermal fibroblast under inflammatory conditions: pioneering the path to a prospective coculture model

12:15:12:30 O19 Jesús Lucia Tamudo

Tuning redox properties and hole delocalization in single-stranded DNA

12:30-12:45 O20 Guillermo Hernández Sigüenza        

Dye-displacement-based test implemented in lateral flow strips to prevent ghb spiking in alcoholic beverages

12:45-13:00 O21 Estela Climent Terol             

Strip-based rapid tests containing gated mesoporous materials: a perfect combination for sensitivity improvement

13:00-14:00 Plenary Lecture PL4

Carlos Lodeiro Espiño         

Living between Toxic Metals and Bacteria: Sensing, detecting and antibacterial studies using Dyes and Nanoparticles

14:00-14:15 Closing Ceremony

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